"Anderson's gains national attention with it's emphasis on two man sets for windshield replacements. See the story here."
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This section contains templates with various layouts. You should be able to copy them and place them anywhere in the site. Select the template from the left-hand menu. Each template contains an explanation of it's layout, styles and images.

The header and footer are fluid in width and are called into the page via PHP include calls. The "toppromo" div included on this page between the header and the main navigation bar is also a fluid width and can be called into any page. Any images should be 150 px in height. Images are floated left. The blue background image is named toppromo_bg.jpg and is located in the main images folder. It is tiled horizontally and will show in any remaining space.

The main navigation bar is contained within the "navbar" folder and is called into the page via a PHP include call. The div within the style sheet is of the same name. The PHP code within the navbar finds the section folder name in the url path and marks the menu items with a "current" class that is applied to the menu items to show the user their current location in the site.

All of the content areas have a fixed width and are contained within a div named "contentwrap" that has a 940 px width and is centered. The contentwrap div has a 940 x 20 px background image that is tiled vertically to show the faux columns for the left nav and right rail. The backgound image is in the main images folder and is named content_wrap_bg.jpg.